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We Ride Because of You

NYC Kids Need a Cost-Free Cycling Program Now More than Ever

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Skills, Teamwork & Mentorship

More kids on track bikes! Star Track is a youth outreach program founded in 2004 to teach New York City kids the fundamentals of track cycling at Kissena Velodrome in Queens. Our goal is to empower and engage children — many from underserved communities — enhance their physical and social development, and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment through regular athletic activity.

Star Track has been repeatedly designated a USA Cycling Center of Excellence. Riders have the opportunity to become part of a competitive cycling team joining elite riders from across the country. Over the last three years, Star Track racers at the junior, elite & collegiate levels have brought home more than 30 National Champion jerseys. In 2019, Star Track was named USA Cycling Junior Club of the Year.

Our program is fee-free for every child rider, a commitment only made possible through your generous support. Your donation will help pay for equipment, coaching and travel, and provide young athletes with the tools and expertise for their future success on-and-off the track.